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Re: [dm-devel] [RFC] dm-writeboost: Porting daemon modulating migration from userland into the kernel


> I'm a bit confused.  On the one hand you've asked for this to be
> included in linux-next, yet on the other you're still making big
> design changes.
I am sorry for confusing you.

But I believe it is not a big design change.
Porting the daemon to kernel remains most of the code unchanged. 
There are already two daemons in-kernel, flush_work and migrate_work,
and new daemon can be implemented just like them
and implementing daemon is usually loose-coupled.
If changing the design is absolutely prohibited after asking for staging,
I apologize it for all of you.

But if this issue is to discuss sooner or later, the time is now.
This is why I posted this issue at this point of time.

My plan is to fix this issue
and post v2 patch against the latest linux-next.
Also, planning to add more comments is included in my plan.
Few of my colleagues pointed out that my code needs more comments.

> When you first posted this code I said you'd need to get some people
> behind it who are using this successfully.  How far along this path
> are you?
Actually, no progress.
Asking for staging is for getting 3rd party users which is your request.
This is kind of a chicken and egg problem.
Without staging, I think I have no chance of those users and
staging tree exists for this purpose.


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