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Re: [dm-devel] creating a dm-linear.ko in a current kernel.

On 02/24/2014 10:44 PM, John Utz wrote:
> Solved my own issue methinks, the name of the module that i am
> finding in drivers/md/ is linear.ko, not dm-linear.ko. that was

That's the MD linear personality not the device-mapper linear target. It
allows you to build JBOD (concatentation) arrays using the MD RAID

> unexpected. i note further that there are other non 'dm- decorated'
> lkms in md as well, such as multipath, faulty, raid0, etc.

These are also MD personalities.

> is there an implication associated with things decorated with dm- vs
> things not decorated with dm- in the md directory?

The device-mapper targets all have a dm-* prefix (there are other files
in drivers/md with names beginning with 'dm', e.g. dm.c, dm-table.c but
those are part of the device-mapper core).

The dm-linear target is always built into the core dm-mod - see the
Makefile rules in drivers/md/Makefile for details. The device-mapper
bits are right at the top.


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