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Re: [dm-devel] [patch v3]DM: dm-insitu-comp: a compressed DM target for SSD

On Fri, Mar 07 2014 at  2:57am -0500,
Shaohua Li <shli kernel org> wrote:

> ping!


I intend to get dm-insitu-comp reviewed for 3.15.  Sorry I haven't
gotten back with you before now, been busy tending to 3.14-rc issues.

I took a quick first pass over your code a couple weeks ago.  Looks to
be in great shape relative to coding conventions and the more DM
specific conventions.  Clearly demonstrates you have a good command of
DM concepts and quirks.

But one thing that would really help get dm-insitu-comp into 3.15 is to
show that the code is working as you'd expect.  To that end, it'd be
great if you'd be willing to add dm-insitu-comp support to the
device-mapper-test-suite, see:

I recently added barebones/simple dm-crypt support, see:

But It may be that activation/test code for the other targets (e.g. thin
or cache) are more useful examples to follow for implemnting
dm-insitu-comp stack activation, see:

All said, implementing dm-insitu-comp support for dmts (including some
tests that establish it is working as intended) isn't a hard requirement
for getting the target upstream but it would _really_ help.


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