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Re: [dm-devel] [RFC PATCH] dm-multipath: Print more explicit warnings when dealing with multipath messages

On Wed, Jan 29 2014 at 11:52am -0500,
Jose Castillo <jcastillo redhat com> wrote:

> The following warning message "Unrecognised multipath message received" is displayed
> in two different situations inside the function multipath_message: when
> the number of arguments passed is invalid and when the string passed in argv[0]
> is not recognized. With this patch, both warnings are more specific to each case
> and is easier to identify where the problem is.
> Signed-off-by: Jose Castillo <jcastillo redhat com>

Hi Jose,

I've picked this patch up for 3.15.  It is staged in the 'for-next'
branch of linux-dm.git, see:


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