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[dm-devel] multipath-tools: race condition between 'mutipath -r' and multipathd path checker causing segfault

Hi All, 

We found a strange issue with race between multipathd and "multipath -r" which causes segfault.  Below are the sequence of operations that are leading to this.

1. Configure system with multipath and iSCSI connection. Enable paths to both controller ( rdac  prio values 14 and 9  and group_by_prio is the pg policy).
2. Fail one of the connection to multipath device. ( physical paths transition to running->blocked->transport-offine and multipathd puts them in faulty/offline state ).
3. Run "multipath -r".
4. All faulty paths are removed from dm device and maps are reloaded with only good paths. ( as open() call on faulty devices fails with ENXIO during pathinfo() )
5. multipathd: update_multipath_strings() called during check_path will update/removes path_groups based on info from libdevmapper().
6. When failed connection is restored. Devices are placed in Running state again and path checker calls enable_group() on path group which has been freed and causes segfault.

Mar 17 22:36:56 ictm-rediff kernel: multipathd[12405]: segfault at 8 ip 00000000004077f9 sp 00007fb6a94e2cf0 error 4 in multipathd[400000+10000]

Not only segfault, but this also leads to issue switching to path group which is no longer present  in kernel.

Mar 17 22:36:44 ictm-rediff multipathd: 360080e500034173900008ca45307fd63: switch to path group #2
Mar 17 04:13:41 ictm-rediff kernel: device-mapper: multipath: invalid PG number supplied to switch_pg_num

So,  calling "multipath -r" is really recommended when faulty paths are present in system?. Is this a limitation?. Can multipathd deal with these scenarios?.


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