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Re: [dm-devel] Status of Linux LVM thin provisioning

Dne 19.5.2014 00:46, Patrik Horník napsal(a):
Hello there,

I am editor in chief of leading Slovak IT news server DSL.sk and I am
preparing material for our future article about Linux LVM. We are
creating production data storage system and will report experience
with that.

What I am trying to find out right now is what is exact status of LVM
thin provisioning. There is warning in
that it is very much still in experimental state and not recommended
for production, but the text seems little outdated. So what is exact
status and what versions of kernel / tools are needed? (We are
currenly using Debian stable but with kernel, LVM and thin
provisioning tools from Debian testing, so kernel 3.13.10-1, lvm2
2.02.104(2) (2013-11-13) and thin-provisioning-tools 0.2.8-1.)


The last distro for lvm2 testing I'd suggest is any Debian based one. The reason behind it is - Debian supplies its own untested udev rules. Unfortunately device stack is becoming more and more complex (udev/systemd) and there are many small piece that needs to cooperate together. Synchronization with udev is the critical point - and with badly working udev you may experience many error message to be shown and many things may not work - however lvm2 tries to at least detect those moments.

I'd say the best is to play with upstream git repository and upstream udev rules (though you have to carefully remove those from Debian distribution).

With any runtime problem - try to seek for help on freenode #lvm.

Also in the recent version (>=106) there is 'man lvmthin' which may help to understand usage of thin pools and volumes.



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