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Re: Alcatel Speed Touch USB anyone?

He is using RH72.
It's ISP does PPPoA, so this is no problem with either driver.
I'll try to install it remotely from home this night (I've to recompile the
kernel... so I'll lost connectivity on reboot, tomorrow will be a great

Do you know if one can rebuild a RH rpm from, for example, Mandrake's


Hal Burgiss <hal foobox net>@redhat.com on 11/04/2002 13:44:48

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On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 01:30:23PM -0300, miguel dilaj pharma novartis com
> OK, you're right, I expressed myself wrong.
> Is the management utility from Alcatel useful in any way (other than
> obtaining the microcode)?

For the Alcatel based driver, it is required for the driver itself to
work. For the Papillault (independent) driver, it is just required to
extract the microcode one time, if I understand the process correctly.
After that, the Papillault driver does its own 'management', but
still requires the microcode each time the modem is initialized.

Last I heard, the Papillault driver only does PPPoATM. The Alcatel can
also do PPPoE (if that makes a difference). *Most* ISPs will support

Is he using RH? I am pretty sure both latest Mandrake and SuSE have
this stuff rpm-ized and pretty much ready to go.

PS -- I don't have this modem. This is all secondhand info.

Hal Burgiss

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