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Re: bizarre machine lockup

Christopher Wong wrote:
On Thursday 18 April 2002 04:33 pm, Jon Lapham wrote:


One of my RH7.2 machines locks up when a user tries to read their
email using Mozilla (v0.9.x, I've tried them all) built-in IMAP
client.  This is a cold lockup, cannot ping the machine.  It is 100%
reproducable now, simply fire up moz, click on the "read email" icon
in moz, and it locks up.

I would try swapping the motherboard next. I went through a period where certain actions in Applixware would cause the machine to instantly reboot, as if the reset button was hit. Replacing the motherboard solved the problem. I suspect that those actions stressed the motherboard in exactly the "right" place.



You are probably right, I will have to try swapping the MB. But it just doesn't make sense! Why would this one single action cause the lockup! Ugh. I hate computers. :)

As a stress test on the machine, I loaded up 3 simultaneous setiathome jobs, and launched OpenOffice, StarOffice, Mozilla, Netscape 6.2, gimp and a few other sundry applications. It worked fine, a little slows due to swapping, but it worked. However, click on the email icon on mozilla and... lockup.


 Jon Lapham
 Extracta Moléculas Naturais, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
 email: lapham extracta com br      web: http://www.extracta.com.br/

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