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Re: worm -root

Quoting Steve Sykes <ssykes emirates net ae>:

>     When I do a ps -ax, I see the job  "13037 ? RN 0:00 worm -root". 
>  What does this mean?
No idea, although there are some games called worm. But you should know whether
you are running them at the moment ;-)
you probably do not have any forensic tools installed on your machine and no
experience in doing this. 
Depending on the value of the machine and the surrounding network you might want
to look for professional help coming into your place.

If not, lets do a little bit forensics ourself:

you might want to check if the executable is still on the computer:
ls -l /proc/13037/exe

Next, lets see which files the process accesses:
lsof -p 13037

This should give some hints.
Be careful if the process uses deleted files. As soon as you kill the process
the files will be gone.
You might want to save the executable and any used files in a secure place for
later investigation. Tell me if you need more help.


> Regards,
> Steve Sykes
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