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> I think first thing is get a newer kernel, and probably pcmcia-cs
> And see it they help. It's probably a misconfiguration, since
> the install worked, but without the devices, I cannot do much.
> (I don't have a pcmcia SCSI card)
>     -Thomas


If we can't laugh at ourselves who can we laugh at. I found the problem. The
panasonic kxl-d745 I am using is actually a hybrid device being both a sound
card and a cd player. The cd player unit has speakers built into it that the
laptop can utilize for playback also the unit can be used as a standalone cd
player if one wishes to.I was using a music cd for testing. the idea being I
could test sound and cd at the same time. In doing so I have found a quirk
in the way that the panasonic kxl-d745 works. 

Apparently if the scsi cable is connected to this unit it will not play a
music cd. Since it has built in speakers the designers must have assumed if
you wanted to play a music cd you would simply unhook the player and use it
as a stand alone unit,saving laptop power. Once I unhooked the cable and
re-inserted the music disk it played through the built in speakers fine. 

I then hooked the cable back to the unit and inserted a data cd and was able
to mount it with no problems. I read the data both command line and in X
windows. For some reason if the scsi cable is inserted it blocks the reading
of music disks. I suspect it does so by specifically not reading the
major-block that identifies the disk as a music cd, the reason for the
major-block-11 errors that were showing up in my logs. 

I am laughing at myself because in the week I was working on this I never
thought to switch out the cd I was using to see if that makes a difference.
Such a simple, obvious, procedure now. 

Figure I would pass this info on in case anyone else runs into this problem,
and also wanted to thank Thomas for his reply. 

Michael A. Turner
Systems Engineer WHRO
michael turner whro org

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