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Opinions Desired: Hooking Linux PDA to Red Hat Linux 7.2

I wish to get a PDA, and I don't want a Windows CE, or for that matter a Palm OS PDA, if I can have Linux on it...does anybody have a Linux PDA? I've been looking at the Sharp Zaurus SL-5000, or perhaps the Compaq iPAQ H3800 series. Basically I am wanting to know how well the Linux-based PDAs can hook up with Red Hat 7.2...

Both of these have open-source "projects" on the handhelds.org site, http://www.handhelds.org/platforms.html. There are some others, but I'm thinking that these are the best bet (the Journada from HP is being discontinued, etc.) The iPAQ and the Zaurus both are pretty close in abilities; and you can get a little "thumb keyboard" for the iPAQ that looks like the built-in keyboard on the Zarus, so basically, I am wondering how easy or difficult it is to hook these up to Red Hat Linux through the USB port...

There is also a PDA from Korea, called a "Yopy", which seems to be similar in display and memroy, etc. to the iPAQ and the Zaurus...I am not so sure about this one, however, since it seems a better idea to get something that a lot of people are using, simply because of a bigger knowledge base if I have problems, or need to figure a way to do something new.

For instance, both the Zaurus and the iPAQ claim to integrate with MS Windows Outlook, which of course I do not have anymore (obviously). But if I want to integrate with, say, KMail or the calendar in StarOffice, how difficult or easy is it with these PDAs? If you have a PDA, or know anything about these Linux PDAs and their usefulness, I would appreciate hearing anything you would have to say, thanks in advance!

--Mark Seven Smith
pampaluz home com

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