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Re: telnet/pop3 question


Do you have any hosts.allow or hosts.deny configured?  Also, RedHat 7.2 
installs ipchains by default.  Have you added a rule to allow inbound traffic 
on port 110?

One quick way to test if ipchains is your problem is to do an "ipchains -F", 
that will flush all of the firewall rules.  If you can then attach, you know 
that ipchains is your problem.

Good luck,

Barry deFreese

On Friday 04 October 2002 10:13 am, Dave Miller wrote:
> I am trying to debug using a pop3 mail reader (Outlook)
> on a PC to read mail on my LINUX 7.2 machine
> on my home network. Here is what is in my services file:
> # grep pop3 /etc/services
> pop3    110/tcp    pop-3    # POP version 3
> pop3    110/udp    pop-3
> pop3s       995/tcp             # POP-3 over SSL
> pop3s       995/udp             # POP-3 over SSL
> All of the hardware networking is OK since telnet to192.168.100.104
> from the PC works, but when I try port 110, I get:
> >telnet 110
> Connecting To not open connection to the host, on
> port 110: Connect failed
> I suspect this is the problem, but need a suggestion wht port 110 is
> refused.
> Thanks, Dave
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