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Re: telnet/ftp sever

  The IP of my computer is

 I tried your suggestion, but still didn't get it.
Now I use ssh.

Keith Mastin <kmastin beechtree ca> wrote:

>> Dear all,
>>   I am trying to set up telnet and ftp sever on
>>my RH7.2 and hope to telnet it from my office. So
>>I installed telent sever and wu-ftp.
>Great! What's the IP address? Maybe I can learn a few things about what's 
>going on in your office if you're using telnet. (tonge out of cheek now)
>You can use ssh in place of telnet. Port 22. It's more secure (ie. doesn't 
>send usernames/passwords in plain text over a public transmission. From 
>the client side, you can use putty or other tools to connect with the 
>In your netstat output, there is no post 23 listening. Telnet uses that 
>port. I think this is your problem. You need to start the telnet server, 
>which I don't know how to do. If it's a daemon, do 
>    service telnetd start
>and if it runs under xinetd, then edit /etc/xinetd.d/telnetd and change
>    disable = yes
>    disable = no
>then do
>    service xinetd restart
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