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scs1 hell

Howdy All,

OK , so I'm a dumb 47 year old. That said I am having much grief 
a rh7.2 setup working with an adaptec 29160 scsi controller and a 
seagate scsi drive.

I have gone to the adaptec site and low and behold there are the 
( in a variety of formats ) for the little beasty.

As I am using an athlon processor I download the appropriate file 
is a compressed disk image of the driver. No problems he says with 
glee .
I uncompress/decompress ( Ummm )   the file and you guessed it I am 
with a aic79xx-something.img file which is bigger that a floppy !!!

How does one deal with  .img files in getting them onto a floppy, so 
I can start the install in expert mode and load the appropriate driver 

I thought perhaps I should simply copy it to a floppy ( renaming in 
process ) but if the img file is 1.47 meg it makes one think that this 
NOT the way to handle this type of file.

I am trying to do a clean install from cd's , and getting the correct
driver for the scsi card is proving to be a challenge.

Does rh7.3 have the newer aic79xx driver on the cd's , by default ?? 
so the  answer is obvious. UPGRADE. ( I don't have a copy of 7.3 to 

Any help suggestions gratefully accepted ( already had one from piece
from George Gallen who pointed me in the right direction, thanks 
George ,


Greg Andrews,
System Manager,
Sebastopol Secondary College,
Hertford, 3350 Ballarat
Tel: 613 53293227, Mob. 0417 511731
eMail: andrews sebas vic edu au

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