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Re: Serial port functionality testing

minicomm -s
Select 'Serial port setup'  menu and change the following
Serial Device to your comm port(/dev/ttyS0/1)
Bps/Par/Bits to 9600 8N1
Set the Hardware Flow Control to 'No'
Set the Software Flow Control to 'Yes;
Save the setup as defauls and chose Exit
Now you will be in the minicomm screen
Short the 2 and 3 pins of your seral port and type some thing from the
keybord you should see the typed text in the screen

Hope this will help

A. Johnson
Nilgiri Networks

!Hi Everybody !
!I found an old ISA bord that adds two extra serial ports. The kernel detects
!the devices, assigns to them even the port addresses that do not have any
!conflict with those that are build-in. The problem is that when I try to use
!minicom to connect to a console port, I do not get any kind of connection
!(output on the screen, and the status of the link remains offline). Is there
!any way to test the functionality of the serial ports to see if they work or
!there is any kind of problem with the add-on card. I get the same problem
!even with the build-in serial ports that prior to adding the card used to
!Thanks in advance !
!  Sincerely 
!Mr. Olsi Lulani

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