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Where am I?

New to the list (today) and new to Linux (week 1)

I got RedHat 7.2 installed with the third try and it looks like everything is o.k.: I can boot into either KDE or GNOME, apps run and I can mount and read from the cd drive.

My questions:  During the install I partitioned my 30 gb drive into a 50 mb /boot, 256 mb swap, 5 gb /root, 5 gb /user0, and 5 gb /user1

/boot and /swap were the options suggested by the install program
I would like to install WIN98 again later so I left 15 gb free.

My question:
After reading install tips at both RedHat.com and ReallyLinux.com I got the impression that each user's individual "areas" should be in a separate partition thus the /user1 and user0.  After installation, my directory is located under /root and in a directory called home

1. Isn't /root supposed to hold only OS related files and installed programs?  
2. Isn't the user supposed to be sandboxed away from /root
3. What are the purposes of the /user and /home partitions ( I had the option to define these partitions during the setup), if each user's folder is located in the same partition as root
4. how would and have others partition their dirves for a standalone workstation
  P 266 MHz, 30 gb hard drive


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