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RE: clear the routing table? Routing question

Can you please explain your routing a bit further.

I'm trying to understand what you have setup.

If nic#1 & nic#2 both go to a hum and off the hub you have an internet
port ( then I guess you want the linux box to route all
10.10.... internet traffice over the the nic#1 port so it
can go out onto the internet.

Are you trying to setup pathes to the internet directly fm the 10.10...
net and if so how without going through the nic.

Why complicate the matter and put everything on the 192.168.1.x net??

I guess I'm a little confused.


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Subject: clear the routing table? Routing question

Is there a way to clear the routing table?

I would like to put in my rc.local a script that will
   clear the routing table
   then assign the routes I want

Trying to get it assigned automatically isn't going well
   As I'm running into gateway and default problems

I didn't see a clear table in the man of route.



I have nic#1 at
         nic#2 at
         slip    at

Both nics share the same hub, which is connected via a crossover cable
  to a router/firewall to the internet (

I have packet forwarding turned on to bridge nic#1 and nic#2 and slip
   but when the default gw's get automatically setup, things don't work
   as expected. Once I play around and get my routes the way I want them
   basically, I'm going to write them down.

It would be nice to be able to just clear the table, and add in the
I know work for what I need.


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