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Re: NetGear 511 problems

> Being new to Linux, I installed redhat 7.2 on my Toshiba satellite 2100CDS
> laptop, that way if I screwed something up, it wouldn't be more than a
> format away from being all better. <g>
> Anyway, The only ethernet adapter I have for this laptop is a NetGear FA511
> CardBus Adapter. I'm just starting to get into module/driver installations
> and I'm having a problem with PCMCIA. Every time PCMCIA tries to load, it
> freezes my machine.
> I found the drivers for this netgear card, and I am suppose to install
> without kernel PCMCIA support, and then install the PCMCIA-cs package from
> sourceforge.net, and recompile the kernel (good learning experience though,
> eh?). Long story short (too late, I know) PCMCIA still won't start, hence I
> have no clue as to weather or not the driver module ("tulip") installed
> correctly.

I had trouble with the tulip driver in the rh7.2 dist.  Used it with no 
problems for 9 months or so (CNetPro200WL NIC), and then kernel panics and 
freezes out of the blue when starting the device!  The author of the 
driver (D. Becker) told me that the version in the redhat dist. is 
modified, and buggy.  He won't support it.  I eventually "solved" my 
problem by getting a good old 3Com 3c905C-TX NIC (a friend has a box full 
of them!), and no more trouble!  

Sorry, this reply is not really any help, just an FYI

T. Evans

> Any help appreciated!
> Dustin Hansen
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