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Re: WTF is with 7.3 ????

>> migrated all machines directly to 7.2. In the meantime, I did some testing 
>> of 7.0 and 7.1, including the gcc version fubar, so remained wary of those 
>> releases.
>There was no version "fubar".
>(what happened to bero.org?)

So he spent a lot of time and energy explaining that gcc-2.96x is a better 
complier. I go along with that, but the bottom line is that redhat 
released it before the code it was to compile was ready for it. Had they 
made it optional, or at least warned that most sources would not compile 
with it, then the "misconception" that they should not have released it 
yet might not have been an issue. IIRC, they had to make 2.95 available 
soon after the initial release.

>> and I haven't seen anything 
>> on the redhat site to explain either their versioning scheme or the 
>> reasons for their deviations from the FSH standards.
>What deviations?

1 example is /var/www as default docroot directory for apache. This just 
doesn't make sense to put user-accessible information on the same 
filesystem as the logs. If apache gets hacked from cgi-bin attacks, then 
the logs can also be compromised. Apache puts this directory in 
$home/htdocs, where they belong... what's worng with that?

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