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Votings via the wiki

Hi all,

I prepared a wiki page to be used for votings in the future; see
for details. Does the outlined procedure look sane to everybody? Find it
below for discussion and easier inline replying (but it's a wiki; feel
free to enhance it directly there if you want).

= Votings =

The [:EPEL/SteeringCommittee: EPEL Steering Committee] often decides
stuff in the regular IRC meetings of the EPEL SIG. But not all SIG and
steering committee members can attend each meeting. So for decisions
that are controversial or can't wait until the next meeting we'll use
this page to collect the opinions and ideas.

Please prepare votings by

 * adding them to this page, including details like

  * a short statement what the vote is about

  * the available options including their pros and cons; please try to
be fair to each side, even if you prefer a option

 * announcing the vote to the mailing list so people can discuss the
options -- or yell at you if you missed pros and cons ;-)

 * if needed: improve the voting description and send it to the list
again if bigger changes were done

 * wait a bit to give people a chance to discuss stuff before the
actually voting starts -- normally at least three days. This gives
non-steering committee members a chance to express their opinions and
get heard before the voting starts

 * votings should have a target date



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