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First voting: Rebuild of EPEL5 (was: Re: Votings via the wiki)

Me again!

Thorsten Leemhuis schrieb:
> I prepared a wiki page to be used for votings in the future; see
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/SteeringCommittee
> for details. Does the outlined procedure look sane to everybody? Find it
> below for discussion and easier inline replying (but it's a wiki; feel
> free to enhance it directly there if you want).

I actually created the first voting in the wiki to try the procedure for
the first time. Find it below for comments from the public before the
actual voting by the EPEL Steering Committee begins. This is your chance
to get your opinion heard, so feel free to send your opinions or
enhancements for the voting description itself.

=== Rebuild of EPEL5 ===

Background: The packages currently in EPEL5 got build against
RHEL5beta1; the plan is to rebuild them against RHEL5. The question is: how?


 1. Tell users to manually rebuild their stuff; for those packages that
didn't get rebuild: Use a script that adds a ".1" to the Release of each
spec file, commit the changes, tag, build

 2. Simply delete the current repo and rebuild all packages

Pros and cons:

 * With "1" ENVR stays unique, with "2" it doesn't; therefore in the
latter case different packages with the same ENVR are in the wild (the
new ones in the repo, the older ones on people that have them installed
already), which can lead to confusing situations:

  * bug reports: user still has the old package installed that has a bug
while packager fails to reproduce as he uses the new one

  * debuginfo packages from the new packages don't work for the older ones

 * With "1" can (if they want) make sure the build order is correct,
with "2" not

 * With "2" Specs stay in sync between different Fedora branches, which
isn't the case with "1"


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