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Re: Voting: repotag for EPEL

Axel Thimm schrieb:
> On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 12:30:31PM +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Someone that wants repotag should do that to get some "+1 for
>> repotags" on his side afaics. You seem to be interested in repotags
> So do obviously you.

No, I don't care about repotags. But I care about the procedures how
decisions are going to be made in EPEL, and I dislike this "let's simply
do a vote on foo because bar would like to vote on it, even if there are
no background informations provided on the topic and it's unclear what
the consequences are". Especially when the "voting via wiki" is still in
the experimental stages.

>> and you are in both committees; you look like the ideal candidate to
>> do that to me.
> And you look like the ideal candidate from my POV, because even though
> you once "didn't really care", you now do care quite a lot and
> obviously don't want repotags in EPEL.

Please be so kind don't put things in my mouth that are not mine. I
really dislike that (and I assume most people would dislike it, too).

As I said earlier in this thread: "in fact I'm a slightly bit against
repotags, as we have a field in the rpm header that serves the same
purpose; having a information in two places sounds wrong to me, but I'm
willing to ignore that." (add a "for the sake of making for example dag
happy" if you want to make it more clear). This is/was a general
statement and even if it would contain a EPEL in it is far away from "I
don't want repotags in EPEL."

>> Currently it's a 'don't want to vote at all; but if I'm forced to
>> vote now it's definitely a "no repotags"'. Is the latter what you
>> want?
> No, don't put the blame on me (or the FPC or the future), it's your
> vote.

You started it and you have to support it if you want people to vote.
You can cancel it. I plan to not vote, as I would vote with "no"
currently because I'm not sure what consequences a "yes" might result in
for the repo and the packagers that have to write spec files.

But as I said, if someone show a sane way how to actually realize the
repotag in the packages in a way that doesn't make spec file exchanges
between Fedora and EPEL harder I'll "abstrain" from a vote or might even
support the idea.

> There was enough, even too much discussion on this already, and we
> just add to it.

I disagree. Even yesterday in the meeting new stuff like "how to
actually realize a repotag" or "use the repotag everywhere or abuse dist
and ignore the rest that don't use the disttag" came up.


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