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moving on?


I'd like to propose:

- let's stop the discussions about the votings on fedora-usermgmt and
repotag as well as the votings itself; instead discuss the issues in the
EPEL SIG meeting next week. Both issues are lingering around for weeks
already so giving is some days more shouldn't hurt much (the voting ends
just 17 hours before the next meeting in any case). Continue with the
"Rebuild of EPEL5" voting to see if this wiki votings are working.

- in the next week meeting further discuss how we actually create
votings; I get the impression we need more coordination there to avoid
endless discussions like the one from today. E.g. some rules like "at
least three Steering committee members are needed to start a wiki
voting" or "only the Steering committee chair or his deputy officially
can start votings via the wiki" (if we want such positions). Well,
something like that, not yet sure how to do it exactly.

Does that sound sane?


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