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Re: Voting: repotag for EPEL

Axel Thimm wrote:
> Anyway the need to vote on that is undisputed, alone the magnitude of
> list space these topics consume require an official EPEL stand-up. And
> if you feel like there should be more information in the wiki or
> elsewhere, since you read all mails, maybe you could volunteer to do
> "that small task" and make Thorsten happy.
> FWIW "I don't want to be that guy".

I'm not trying to push you into being something that you don't want. 
You just seem to be the biggest proponent if the idea, today.

If it's put up for a vote and not well represented, it will be a
disservice to those who do want it to happen.

And if needed, I can do "that small task", however, it will be as an
opponent to repotag, so we would still need a proponent.  Frankly, I
don't see a big benefit, so I'm not the best person to write it :)

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