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Re: Packaging question (new packager)

On Mon, 2007-04-09 at 14:19 -0700, Ray Van Dolson wrote:

> I have a few questions on the "proper" (Fedora) way that this utility
> should be packaged up however.
> remind includes a couple scripts: rem2ps, tkremind, cm2rem.tcl to name
> a few that obviously would depend on TCL/TK being present on the
> system.  Is the proper way to handle this to make a subpackage for
> these few scripts (remind-extras or remind-gui, etc)?  Or, since remind
> itself works fine without them, just to exclude them completely from
> the RPM?  Or perhaps throw them in /usr/share/doc ...

I would put them in a subpackage that Requires: tk.

> Also, remind distributes their source with a source tarball name as
> follows:
>   remind-03.00.24.tar.gz
> This corresponds with v3.00.24 of the program.  I've left this version
> number intact in my spec file, but perhaps I should tuncate it to
> 3.00.24?  The naming guidelines don't seem to cover a scenario like
> this.  I left it at 03.00.24 because it made my %prep and %setup steps
> simpler. :)

Following upstream is fine. Just make sure you are careful with ordering
as versions change.


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