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Re: Relationship to existing 3rd party repos/CentOS/SL?

Just some random thoughts from me here; I didn't want to reply on Axels
statements directly as I feared that it tracks the discussion and my
answers into a direction I don't want them.

My view on the whole thing:

- I don't see my vote on the repotag decision as a political one.
Different repos IMHO make different decisions how to "solve" technical

- On relationship to 3rd party repos in general: cooperation is good,
but mixing different repos can lead to problems as we know. I'd say we
should try to sort them out if that's possible easily and when we get
aware of them; hard cases need to be decided on a case by case basis.

- On relationship with rpmforge in special: EPEL serves a different goal
than rpmforge afaics. I think those two can exists side by side. EPEL
takes the more careful approach and doesn't replace packages from the
base; packages in EPEL will normally not be updated that often to the
latest and greatest (similar to RHEL). rpmforge on the other hand has
more newer packages and replaces packages from the base. There are users
out there for both approaches, so I think both can side by side and
users can choose what they want.

- there might probably be 3rd part repos that stack on top of EPEL.
Nobody will be forced to cooperating with them, but if contributors
want, why not. But we can't force our contributors to cooperate with
external parties that ship software that might be illegal in the place
where the contributor lives.

- Some contributors might act in multiple repos; those are the best ones
that can act as middle man.

Please let's not make this a repowar; this discussion could easily start
one (the repotag discussion was bad enough already). Thanks.


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