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Re: Relationship to existing 3rd party repos/CentOS/SL?

Axel Thimm wrote:
What you are implying, is that your voting was effectively shooting
down cooperation and coexistance with other 3rd parties. I'm sure
other people that voted like you have a different interpretation of
their vote, at least I hope so.

But at the very least this requires the clarification I asked for. Did
the other 4 people that voted against it also vote against working
with other repos? If so, then you are right, and it takes me a while
to understand it and get over it.
Fact: we voted against having it.
Fact: you guys continue to use it (did you vote on it?)

Guess: If we asked you guys to get rid of the Repo tag in corporation with us, you'd probably say no. Fact: We haven't asked you to remove the repo tag, we respect the decision making process that you used to use a repo tag but we came to a different conclusion for EPEL.

Fact: the sky isn't falling.

If you have another problem, bring it to us and don't assume we'll be against you. Obviously I can't speak for everyone but I take every decision seriously and based on its merit. You're assuming this is just the start of EPEL completely ignoring 3rd party repos and it's just not. I will say the tone of the email that started this thread is not one of corporation, it's one of flame baiting and instigation, knock it off.


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