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Re: Relationship to existing 3rd party repos/CentOS/SL?

On Sat, Apr 14, 2007 at 12:29:18PM -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Axel Thimm wrote:
> >
> >We need to clarify things and agendas, both internally and externally.
> >  
> But we need to be careful to respect each others autonomy.  Working 
> together, to me, doesn't mean that I'll continue to spout off about 
> something that atrpms.net does against my will.

No one asked you to do anything remotely to that. Every project
reserves its right to do something against your will, and you reserve
the right to whine about it ;)

> Also, this entire thread was started with you claiming we (and myself) 
> voted politically.  I take offense at that.  Trying to guess someones 
> motives based off of their actions is a fallacy.  If you think I voted 
> against the repo tag for any other reason then technical you are just 
> plain wrong.

So when I tagged this decision as being 99% political for several
weeks now and even wrote that in the wiki two lines over your actual
voting you just didn't pay attention or completely ignored me? Now,
who should be rightfully taking offense now? ;)

Also it was outlined in several threads on this list and
fedora-packaging that the introduction of repotags would not serve any
technical benefits (although at the end it turns out that it nicely
solves the rebuild problem), so how can you even vote on it with only
technical reasons?
Axel.Thimm at ATrpms.net

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