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Re: Relationship to existing 3rd party repos/CentOS/SL?

Rex Dieter wrote:
Jeff Sheltren wrote:
I'm all for playing nice with other repos, but I still believe that
trying to work out all the technical and political issues is far more
trouble than it is worth.

Jeff, I think I know where you're coming from, but you simply can't have
it both ways.  One either plays nice or not.

Frankly, if someone feels that they don't think it important to play
nice (and do the right thing, imo), I would rather they not be involved
in this project.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I felt that many people, including myself, thought that this was not an EPEL issue but a FPC issue and should be pushed to them instead.

I mean really, EPEL is not "Joe's EPEL" it is "Fedora EPEL" and if Fedora as a whole can't/won't adopt this proposal, why should it be our burden? We are simply lower minions of the entire Fedora hierarchy working specifically on EPEL.

I think Axel's proposal still has merit, but the right thing is to throw it to FPC. And nothing in the vote says that he can't. In fact, I hope he does.

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