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Plan for tomorrows EPEL meeting


I thought it might be a good idea to announce the major topics for
tomorrows EPEL meeting beforehand.

/topic EPEL Meeting -- RHEL5 on the builders -- dgilmore/mmcgrath
/topic EPEL Meeting -- mass rebuild for RHEL5 -- thl
/topic EPEL Meeting -- Elect chairmen and discuss responsibilities
/topic EPEL Meeting -- Relations to 3rd party distro (¹)

The next two still need to be discussed on the list, so we'll likely
skip this)

/topic EPEL Meeting -- Final repolayout -- thl
/topic EPEL Meeting -- Communication plan for enterprise
customers/ISVs/IHVs -- stahnma, quaid

The usual rules apply: if you want to get something discussed send a
note and we'll try to visit in the meeting.


P.S.: The schedule in the wiki needs some more love, I'll try to do that
over the next week

(¹) -- this was discussed on the mailing list; we maybe should visit it
in the meeting;

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