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Re: Plan for tomorrows EPEL meeting

Jeff Sheltren schrieb:
> On Apr 17, 2007, at 2:01 PM, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> - mass rebuild -- I'm all for giving maintainers a few days (maybe  
> even a week?) to rebuild their packages once the build systems are  
> ready with RHEL 5 final.  After that, bump the release and rebuild  
> automatically for things that haven't been built.

Give packagers a chance to rebuild their own stuff was planed -- but I
targeted less than a whole week to finally start EPEL5 for real soon.
But the exact timeframe should be discussed today in the meeting.

> - 3rd party repos -- Like I mentioned before, it is good to work with  
> other repos, but I also feel that EPEL should be pushed as a  
> "central" repo where all those that wish to contribute packages can  
> do so.  Users do not need the extra headache of trying to coordinate  
> the packages in multiple repos if it can be avoided.

I currently think we maybe should put a kind of improved version of
or something in that direction into the Wiki-FAQ

> I have something else which I'm not sure has been discussed before,  
> or else I am just blocking it out of my memory :)  Yesterday I had  
> EPEL branches created for fortune-mod (how can you run a server  
> without fortunes?), but now I realize that fortune-mod needs recode(- 
> devel), which is part of FE.  I do not maintain recode, and I'm not  
> sure that the person who does maintain it would like to do so for  
> EPEL.  How can we proceed in cases like this so that I can import my  
> package which has dependencies in FE?

and the Section "Questions specific to existing Fedora contributors" on

If it's missing something tell me or feel free to improve the wiki yourself.


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