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What I want in a chair

As discussed in the last EPEL meeting we decided it was best to have a chairperson to help EPEL get off the ground over the next 6 months. Here's what I'm looking for in a chairperson

1) Somone who can convey a consistent EPEL message to the public, especially when it is officially launched

2) Must be able to balance what's best for EPEL, the larger community, 3rd party repo's and the users when their needs conflict.

3) Someone who is close to the EPEL community and can put EPEL community needs above their own

4) This person must be accountable (if they go all crazy we can always ask the board to remove them)

5) Primarily a facilitator, when decisions cannot be made, the community is split or opinions are not-obvious, this person can call for a vote or simply make the decision on their own.

The idea here is that this person will be here for 6 months which, in Fedora time, is not very long. I have no fears about what this person will do because A) they will be accountable and B) It's just for 6 months. If we don't like what they've done we can remove them at that time or, more likely, pick a different governance model. I don't think EPEL is mature enough to need an extremely formal government which IMHO is perfect for a chairperson. They can listen to what's up and people can go to the chair with concerns they care about.

The question now is where does this leave the SIG? Same place, we meet, we discuss, we ultimately do the work. It's the spirit of this agreement that's important and I think in practice we'll find this a very easy / beneficial situation.


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