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Re: What I want in a chair

I would like a chairperson who works with RHEL/EL as part of their
daily job.  I think that means everyone involved in EPEL thus far, but
I thought I should clarify that.  I am not however, *that* concerned
about vision for EPEL.  We have a steering committee for vision, and I
would hope the entire committee would offer input and make decisions
on vision and direction.

For a chairperson, I want a person who should represent the SIG.
Obviously the SIG could handle all of these functions, but one person
as a front for the community is great from a contact standpoint and
from a chaos-prevention perspective.

* coordination of meetings, and events.

* Someone with experience using EL as well as developing on it/for it.

* Not a dictator, but a facilitator.

* Someone who will hear input from Real EL customers and try to work with them.

* Someone who will work very hard to please 3rd party relationships,
(or at least not hinder them).

* A decent project manager, who's good at meeting timetables and status reports.


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