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Re: Collaboration

Johnny Hughes wrote:
If RPMforge has a perfectly working ClamAV for EL5, and if we are
collaborating, why would EPEL build ClamAV?

Ok, now to get back to business. First of all. We are a reasonable people, seriously. This shouldn't have been a question. This should have been a proposal with a fully working model. As such, I'll try this:

RPMforge has a perfectly working ClamAV for EL5 (and presumably EL4). How can we go about getting this RPM as THEE blessed RPM for all of our repos?

Well there's a few technical ways to do this that I see.

1) Have 1 authoritative CVS for all of our packages (not practical)
2) On a package by package basis have the MAINTAINERS decide what the authoritative RPM will be 3) Just distribute the binary RPM's blindly never keeping the source on CVS (I don't think anyone would like that)

Number 2 actually sounds very reasonable to me for a couple of reasons. 1) It allows ALL repos to have exceptions. For example if thimm wants to put some closed source codec in some package that EPEL just can't... this would allow for that. 2) I have a hunch it will scale well. All of the coordination happens between individuals, no voting. You have to understand. The SIG doesn't build and maintain packages. Individuals do and individuals (like myself at least) could use some help maintaining packages.

As a side note, I don't know what the packaging guidelines for the 3rd party repos are. Where can I find them? Remember EPEL won't be updating their packages to the latest and greatest by rule. Do the other repositories follow this guideline? If not then for those packages we're filling different needs.


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