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Re: Topics for todays EPEL SIG meeting

On 4/25/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:
Hi all!

Here are the IMHO main topics the SIG Meeting probably should look at in
todays meeting (17:00 UTC, #fedora-meeting on freenode):

/topic EPEL Meeting -- mass rebuild for RHEL5
/topic EPEL Meeting -- chairmen
/topic EPEL Meeting -- shortcut for branching -- dgilmore?
/topic EPEL Meeting -- Communication plan for enterprise
customers/ISVs/IHVs -- stahnma, quaid

Looks like I'll miss todays meeting as I have to join something work
related -- that's scheduled one hour earlier than the EPEL SIG Meeting,
and will probably take until after it ends. No keyboards or computers
nearby. Sorry.

Nevertheless, here are some things from my side:

- mass rebuild for RHEL5 -> somebody should check how much stuff got
rebuilded; we should decide what to do with the rest of the arch
packages. My vote: add a ".1" to release, commit, tag, build after a
additional wait period of 48 hours; I really want to get this of the table.

- chairmen -> I'm willing to to that job for the next months. Most of
you know how I worked in FESCo, which as such is my reference ;-) My
main goal is to get EPEL really speed up now.

- "shortcut for branching -- dgilmore?" -> Now that we have RHEL5 on the
builders and the rebuild is done soon I really want to give a "start
now" signal to Fedora contributors that are waiting for it (there are
some that do). But I fear questions like "do I have to go through
bugzilla for all of my X packages to ask for EPEL branches?" or "what to
do with packages that were reviewed in the early days (e.g. before we we
used bugzilla)". We should find a solution for those questions and
document them somewhere before we give the "start now" signal. But we
need a CVS admin for that that tells us how this shortcut could looks
like. dgilmore?


epel-devel-list mailing list
epel-devel-list redhat com

I am also unable to attend today.  I am traveling on business and have
appointments mid-day.  (Have I mentioned this time-slot isn't the
greatest for those of us who don't work at RH or live in Europe?)

Also, I have query to dgilmore about the mirroring and links for
epel-release?  Can I use mirrorlist now and have the epel-release
package work with 5Client, 5Server, 4[AS|ES|WS] ?

I haven't made any headway on the communication plan this week.


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