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Re: relations with other repos in practice

Patrice Dumas wrote:

I am about to import most of my packages in EPEL. Some are in other
repos (dag, dries). For the packages I have looked at (acpitool,
gnochm), there is no specific need for coordination (no different name,
split...). I can contact the people maintaining the packages in other
repos, but do youhave an idea on what should be coordinated? One thing I
see is the release. It seems to me that the repos should play nice and
avoid updating over other repo packages. So maybe we could have rules
like avoid upgrading dag repo by making sure that the release in epel is
lower? Any idea about this issue, and any idea about other area where coordination is needed?

What is the status of the agreement betwen repos?

Please see the mailing list history, there is already a great deal of discussion on this topic. There are quite a few repos out there (dag is just one of them).


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