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Re: relations with other repos in practice

Patrice Dumas wrote:

I remember reading the posts, but I don't remember anything practical being said, especially that responds to my questions. I used dag as a fictitious example.

I don't think anything was decided upon along those lines you were asking for. Tim wrote up a draft for a high level agreement and I made some changes he seemed to be unhappy with.


You can find the original draft in a previous revision. I haven't had time to followup through FESCo or other repository maintainers yet though Rex Dieter did add a acknowledgment. If they find this or the previous draft useful, we can push through this. If other repository maintainers are watching the discussions, do provide some feedback.

Another question (quite unrelated), is there a place where the repos are listed?

We generally avoid pointing to third party repositories to avoid any potential legal risks. EPEL FAQ mentions centos.karan.org (in a positive way) since it is a simple rebuild of Fedora Extras and would only contain patent encumbered Free and open source software just like Fedora.


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