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Yum in EPEL [Was: packages that conflict with centos?]

On Jul 27, 2007, at 8:48 AM, Michael DeHaan wrote:

I haven't looked at these packages yet, but I'm really glad to see this work being done. I mentioned this on #epel a few days ago -- lots of folks will be looking for yum to be there.

The selfish reason for me to want it is that Cobbler (http:// cobbler.et.redhat.com) uses it for repository management and is otherwise broken in EPEL (http://cobbler.et.redhat.com) -- the not so selfish reason is tons of RHEL4 users are already using yum for various things (including maintaining their own repositories of lots of stuff, including, sometimes, updates) and it would be nice if they could get their yum from EPEL and use yum with EPEL if they wanted.


--Michael DeHaan

During the EPEL meeting on July 25 -- log here:
There was some discussion about problems including yum in EPEL.

The first issue was that these packages don't mess up CentOS users. Since these packages all have a lower release than those found in CentOS, that should not be a problem since they should never get installed in the first place.

The second issue was that RHEL 4 users can't use yum for system updates. Do we need to provide a wiki page explaining to RHEL users that yum is available only to fill dependencies and shouldn't be used directly? What are people's thoughts on this -- especially those that use RHEL? Is it confusing to have yum if RHEL can't use it to do system updates?

I'd like to get this discussed here on the list so that we can make a decision about it at the next EPEL meeting if needed.


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