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Re: To update or not to update...

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 17.08.2007 15:46, Michael Stahnke wrote:
I am enjoying this discussion.  Both sides have very good points.  As
for my opinion, I think that new packages

We more and more discuss two different things in this thread: "to update
a existing package" and "ship new packages in stable directly"

can go to stable (assuming deps are there)

I'd be fine with this, as long as they have been in testing for a while
(some weeks maybe) -- I consider "testing" a kind of beta-stage, that
allows packers as well as others interested in EPEL to test the software
before it hits the proper repo.

What we're really talking about here is QA. Leaving things in testing is sort of an automated way of doing QA. We call it "testing" and people know it might not work, they don't have any expectation that it will work. At the same time, hopefully, people are using the package and reporting bugs.

Implementing an actual QA process is very difficult and requires a lot of commitment. And, unfortunately, shipping straight from build and high quality "enterprise" stuff (even if its new packages) are just conflicting ideas. Though I agree, leaving packages in testing might deter new contributors. Its a tricky situation.


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