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Re: Meetings and mailiglists/decision finding process

On Fri, 2007-08-17 at 08:49 -0500, Michael Stahnke wrote:
> > > - weekly status mail from the owners of major tasks
> >
> > +1
> >
> > Deadline is five minutes before the meeting.
> Was this part a joke?  I couldn't tell from email :)
> I have no problems getting things done on the list.  (At least I can
> read that when I get to it).

Nope, not a joke, but maybe I fail to see any irony in the idea?

It was a follow-on to the idea that one of the greatest benefits a
weekly meeting gives you is a chance for everyone to catch up on writing
and reading status reports.

But if we're going to rely upon content from those reports to inform
meetings, they need to be done before the meeting; I just think it's OK
to say that the last minute before a meeting is OK.

- Karsten
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