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Re: To update or not to update...

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:

Big picture = "Fedora and RHEL as a whole"

rawhide is indirectly the experimental for RHEL as well as for EPEL.

Obviously, I know this -- the point is we aren't trying to create a way to build a distribution here, and this is where I believe the mistake lies.

EPEL is a gateway to provide additional packages to a distribution which is, of course, emergent from the aforementioned rawhide/Fedora/etc.

What I want to see here is a way for SA's to find packages that help them get their job done, without going through lots of pain with rpmbuild and finding missing deps. This means making a certain quality of packages available, but it should not restrict SA's to old content. "Old" isn't the same as stable, we need other critera for that, or just to have the ability for someone to manually push to testing to stable -- and just put some basic recommendations around

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