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fftw advice...

I was going to get to work on building fftw2/fftw3 for epel, and have a
small quandry.

Fedora names these fftw2/fftw.
rpmforge currently names them fftw/fftw3.  They feel strongly about it, and
users were angered previously at my initial attempts at implementing an
Obsoletes/Provides migration path to fftw2/fftw.

So, I was leaning toward following rpmforge's fftw/fftw3 naming scheme,
but... these modules are currently named fftw2 and fftw in cvs.  I'm
unaware of any strict rules, but figured it would be at least uncool to
create packages whose %{name} != cvs_module.  So, to move forward here
should I:
1.  be uncool and just do it.
2.  request a new package review for 'fftw3'

If 2 is the correct answer here, I'm not sure I'm willing to subject myself
to the further pain/effort of a review (unless someone chimes in quickly to
offer to review it).

-- Rex

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