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Re: fftw advice...

Rex Dieter wrote:

>> The second question is what is the new packaging name scheme? If the
>> name scheme is still compat-<package>-<major-minor> I would go with
>> that.. if it isnt then I would go with something like: fftw_22 fftw_3x
>> as the name schemes
> match rpmforge: fftw (v2.x) and fftw3
>> Third I would go for an open and documented reasoning document from
>> both forge and you on why the names are different and how a user would
>> be able to deal with this issue.
> Easier to simply match, than to diverge + document I think.
> A bonus is that it's easier to change our minds later (ie, easier to
> migrate fftw/fftw3 -> fftw2/fftw than the other way around).

OK, I'm going to forge ahead (following a suggestion from pjones):
keeping (main) Name: fftw ,so srpm matches cvs module, and make (binary)
packages named fftw3.  clear as mud?  hopefully, no one will yell.

-- Rex

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