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Re: resolution for python-imaging in EPEL

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
On 7/17/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info> wrote:

On 17.07.2007 16:51, Daniel Riek wrote:
> The client packages are going to become available to all server
> customers as soon as the RHN profiles get updated. That takes some time
> as it is a major repull of data.

thx for your help Daniel.

Yes thanks to all the RH people on this.. Longterm, there is going to
be a mismatch between RHEL and CentOS/Scientific Linux offerings. As
in, an EPEL package might need stuff from MultiOS or RHAPS (or
whatever its future incarnation is) or etc etc etc. There should be a
methodology for dealing with these packages or problems:

1) Should packages be built/included that can work with the lowest
common denominator of channel offerings? [EG desktop or whatever is
the smallest channel offering?]

2) If not, how do you offer packages that do not 'break' for people.
If I do a yum install xyz and it includes something from outside of my
'Desktop' channel ... do I get a 'Dependencies not found. Please pony
up more money.' message? Or do I get those dependencies via the .0

3) Other issues that my blood sugar cant think of at the moment.

3) What do you do when Red Hat introduces new packages into RHEL when those packages already exist in EPEL? These can happen during the regular major updates like 5.1 or 4.6. Prior information on what new packages goes into those updates are not always available publicly.


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