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Re: python-imaging end of life in cvs

Joel Andres Granados wrote:
Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 19.07.2007 12:03, Joel Andres Granados wrote:
José Matos wrote:
On Thursday 19 July 2007 10:39:09 Joel Andres Granados wrote:
As python-imaging is no longer needed in EPEL/el given the addition in
the RHEL5-Server repo, the issue must be closed.
Do I follow
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/PackageEndOfLife or is
the CVS stuff just going to be erased?
I would expect the later as python-imaging is maintained in all the other branches of Fedora so it it is not going to die soon. :-)
mmm, maybe I didn't make myself clear. :(. I'm asking about the EPEL cvs branch for python-imaging.
I know the others are there to stay:)

We these days afaik try to avoid to delete any branches that were created.

For this case it might make sense, but its a whole lot easier and likely
more that good enough to just delete all files from the EL5/ directory
and put a dead.branch file into it which explains the situation in a few


epel-devel-list mailing list
epel-devel-list redhat com


For the EPEL/el5 branch. I checked the channels for RHEL4 and AFAIK python-imaging is not there. This would mean that it should be in EPEL. So the right thing to do according to what was discussed, is to build with package based on fc3 (python 1.1.4) and use 1.1.4-1 as a release number. And prepare a "We are sorry for the hassle" message for the people that had already used python-imaging.1.1.6
from EPEL/el4 repos.

or have things changed since?

Joel Andres Granados

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