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Re: There are still dependencies for python-imaging el5

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 24.07.2007 11:14, Joel Andres Granados wrote:
Received two automated email (attached) stating that plone depends on python-imaging for el5. python-imaging for el5 terminated from EPEL due to its existence in both RHEL5 Client and Server. Additionally the mail states that the broken dependency is only valid for ppc, as I don't see the other arch listed.

Reason for that afaics: there is no PPC-EL5Client, thus the package from
it could not be added to the server, thus python-imaging is still
missing on PPC.

strange :-/

Does the plone spec in EPEL have to change?
Does the python-imaging in RHEL5 need modifying of some sort?
Does python-imaging in EPEL/el4 need modifying (some tag I don't know of)?
Or is there some black voodoo magic that is done to fix this?

The proper workaround would be to excludearch ppc for plone and other
packages that require python-imaging.

The proper solution would be to ship python-imaging in EL5Server for PPC
*or* ship it in EPEL5-PPC only. Going for the latter route might be a
best short term fix. Just make EVR lower then the EL5 package, in case
EL5Server starts shipping python-imaging sooner or later.

Does that sound like a plan?

Ok, Ill speak with Dan Riek and see what we can do on the RHEL side. Additionally I will build a new python-imaging on the el5 branch with the 1.1.5 version and a release that is lower than the one in RHEL
that is only for ppc arch.
In this way the situation is fixed immediately and if python-imaging is added to RHELppc in the near future
I will dead the package again.



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Joel Andres Granados

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