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Voting proposal for tomorrows meeting: Repotags in EPEL


I'd like to get the repotags issue of the table. The Steering Committee
talked about it, but no consensus could be found. But I'd really find
some agreement tomorrow to get things moving again.

So I'd suggest we put this up for voting:

== Proposal for the use of repotags for EPEL ==

The EPEL Steering Committee hereby issues that it wants to use a ".epel"
repotag for all newly build packages in the EPEL repositories for EL4
and EL5.

We hereby like to ask the Packaging Committee to bless the use of
repotags for EPEL.

If such a blessing occurred we'd further kindly ask the Packaging
Committee for suggestions how to technical realize repotags in EPEL. The
EPEL steering committee is of course willing to help with that; the EPEL
Steering Committee receives the right to veto the technical solution
from the Packaging Committee, but expects not to use that veto right..

---- EOF

Can we agree on this? Or does anyone want something different? Any


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