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Re: Mock Configs [Was: Re: Plan for tomorrows EPEL SIG meeting]

On Jun 13, 2007, at 11:45 AM, Michael E Brown wrote:

Hi Michael, maybe we can get this decided in the meeting today.  I'll
send an updated EL5 mock config to you and the list once we determine
exactly what we need to exclude :)

Quickly. I have 0.7.1 ready to go as we hit a bug in 0.7.0. We will be
releaseing 0.7.1 sometime today in the next couple hours.

Current configs that were posted a couple weeks ago (sans exclude=) are
current staged for 0.7.1.

Hi Michael, if you have to push a 0.7.1 today, I'd lean towards simply copying the exclude line from a fedora x86_64 mock config and re-using that in the EL5 x86_64 config. That "works for me", and it's an improvement over the behavior without having an exclude line.

If anyone sees any problem with this, please respond soon so Michael can get the update pushed :)


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