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No repotags (was: Re: Log from todays meeting)

/me again

On 13.06.2007 20:04, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> 00:00 <       knurd> | Meeting ping dgilmore, knurd, mmcgrath, nirik,
> stahnma, quaid and everyone interested in EPEL -- EPEL meeting in
> #fedora-meeting now!
> 00:00            --- | knurd has changed the topic to: EPEL Sig meeting
> -- Meeting rules at
> http://www.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Extras/Schedule/MeetingGuidelines --
> Init process

Just want to highlight this: the decision once again (for the third time
(¹) IIRC) was to not do repotags in EPEL. See the log for all the
details; it's the first topic in the meeting and was discussed in the
first 40 minutes.


(¹) -- and I suppose the EPEL Steering Committee doesn't want to touch
the topic again; if you think the EPEL Steering Committee did a bad
decisions you are of course free to go to higher Committee's like FESCo
or the Fedora Board. But I suppose we all have to find some way to live
with this decision now.

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