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Proposal for final repolayout


seems we need koji modification to use bodhi, which likely itself might
need some adjustments for proper EPEL support as well. Both things will
take time to get realized as it seems other work is higher on peoples
todo list atm.

So I'd say EPEL should for the near future plan to continue to use
plague together with the old Fedora Extras push scripts until we can
switch to koji and bodhi; otherwise it might take a long time until we
are ready to announce EPEL officially, which I'd like to avoid

We just should make sure the repo layout is sane for the near future and
can be used with bodihi later as well (Luke, that's why you are in the
CC of this mail; if there is anything that would be hard to realize in
bodihi let us know please).

I'd like to propose round about this layout below

	4/ -> 4.(current_version())
	5/ -> 5.(current_version())
	4/ -> 4.(current_version())
	5/ -> 5.(current_version())

We currently have symbolic links from "4{AS,WS,ES}" to "4" and
"5{Client,Server}" to "5" on the server as well; they should be there in
the future as well, but I left them out of this scheme to not make
things even more complicated to understand.

Please ignore the "rolling" stuff as well; it seems some people would
like to have a more "Fedora Extras" like EPEL with a bold update policy
(always latest and greatest). I'd like to leave the path for this open
in the long term, that why I'd say we should put the current EPEL stuff
below "stable".

How to realize the layout: have two different plague-targets per
release; the default target is "testing/(release())"; that repo becomes
the stable release automatically when RH ships a new quarterly update.
If you want to get something into the stable repo for the current
release use a special build target, from which the extras-push-scripts
push into the proper dir directly.



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